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Posted by on Aug 17, 2018 in Democracy, Free Speech, Immigration, Military, Politics | 0 comments

These Men and Women Do Not Need a Military Parade

The brave men and women in our Armed Forces do not need a $92 million self-aggrandizing military parade.

What they need is more respect for those fighting the wildfires out West.

Airmen from the Washington Air National Guard fight the Sheep Creek fire Aug. 6, 2018, near Northport, Wash.

What they need is more respect for their fallen comrades and their Gold Star parents.

What they need is respect for the freedom of the press they are willing to defend with their lives.

What they need is respect for those who have given a lifetime of service to their country and are now being attacked for speaking their mind and conscience.

What they need is respect for their brethren in our nation’s intelligence agencies who are exposing and fighting Russian interference in our Democratic process.

What they need is respect for their brothers and sisters in arms who are threatened with possible termination of their service because they are of a “different” sexual orientation or because of immigration status.

What they need is respect shown towards a war hero and former prisoner of war whom every one of them honors and would want to emulate, but who is being vindictively pilloried – even while he is fighting for his life — for petty political reasons.

What they need is respect for their colleagues in our nation’s investigative and justice agencies who are quietly, seriously and doggedly investigating possible wrongdoing by some in high places.

Our brave men and women do not need a North Korea style procession of tanks, missile carriers and armored vehicles through the streets of our nation’s capital and jet fighters roaring in its skies solely to satisfy the adolescent pomp and circumstance cravings of a man who never served.

What they need is less braggadocio and better leadership.