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Posted by on Jul 2, 2009 in Science & Technology | 1 comment

New YouTube Enhancements

Some recent changes at YouTube…

They’ve doubled the allowable size of uploads:

We’re happy to announce that the size of standard uploads has doubled from 1GB to 2GB. The increase means you can upload longer videos at a higher resolution as well as large HD files directly from your camera.

In addition, the team’s implemented some new features to make it easier for you to show these videos off to the world. The changes allow you to share links directly to the HD version of your video, as well as embed the HD version on your blog or website.

Last weekend they launched a new channel for citizen journalists:

It’s called The YouTube Reporters’ Center, and it features some of the nation’s top journalists sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting. Learn how to prepare for an interview from CBS News’ Katie Couric; how to be an investigative reporter from the legendary Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, or why it’s important for citizens to participate in the news-gathering process from Arianna Huffington. And definitely don’t miss out on New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s video on how to report from a crisis area without getting shot.

In addition, you can also learn practical and ethical tips, like how to fact check your stories, avoid breaking the law while reporting, and adhere to journalistic principles. Check out the Reporters’ Center to see all the videos or sample a few in this playlist:

They want the “conversation” to be two-way. You can submit your tips and how-to videos for inclusion on the site.

NewTeeVee likes it, noting that uploads from mobile phones to YouTube jumped 1,700% in the last six months. “[Citizen] power to report instantly on a developing story has never been greater. But with that greater power comes more responsibility to ensure that the story being told is accurate and fair.”

Finally, if you are a YouTube publisher who buys search ads on YouTube, you can create hyperlinked overlays on your videos to drive traffic back to your site:

All you have to do is include a short headline, ad text, a destination url, and upload an optional image, and the overlay will appear whenever someone watches your video. Clicks on the overlay will be tracked in YouTube Insight.

That last via lost remote, “It’s tearing a page from the Google playbook: provide unique incentives for publishers who buy search ads.”