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Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in Politics | 3 comments

Will Clinton turn out to have been the weakest — least desirable — candidate?

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Will Clinton turn out to have been the weakest — least desirable — candidate?

I think she could well be.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank cruised a meeting of the International Association of Firefighters a few days ago in the capitol, and he encountered 10 Democratic candidates, not including Hillary Clinton who was, um, busy. She “sent regrets — and that’s regrettable, because she could use some help putting out fires these days…”

Clinton is, at one and the same time, The Candidate and an undeclared candidate. She has some firefighters on her side, but by no means all.

… Maybe it’s just as well that Clinton didn’t join the firefighters in the capital this week. They aren’t exactly blazing with enthusiasm for her candidacy. As I worked the gathering at the Hyatt on Capitol Hill, I detected a sense of buyer’s remorse among the union faithful when I asked about the seemingly inevitable Clinton coronation.

“I don’t know that I’m thrilled,” said David Morse, from Los Angeles County.

Joe Alderete III, from San Antonio, told me that he was still hoping to “see if a Warren or a Biden steps up.”...WaPo

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren were both in attendance and gave speeches that, at least in Warren’s case, were “fiery.”

Waiting for Hillary to elbow Warren off the stage seems pretty dumb. Clinton has — already! — offered plenty of reasons not to vote for her. She’s stacking up a pile of boo-boos that stand in the way of any meaningful enthusiasm for her prospective candidacy. Yet the party seems hell-bent on handing her the nomination.

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