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Posted by on Aug 13, 2009 in At TMV | 9 comments

Who is Olberman’s “Best Person in the World” this week?

EdBPITW.JPGIf I were you, I’d be on the lookout for pale horsemen flying through the skies, because in addition to other signs of a pending apocalypse, Keith Olberman has named our friend and very conservative pundit, Ed Morrissey, as the best person on the world. Initial rumors that Olberman had: (a) confused him with Ed Schulz, or, (b) suffered from some sort of unfortunate neuro-cardial event, were quickly dismissed. The news of this prestigious award, of course, sends Allahpundit into spasms of confusion and depression.

But no, it’s Ed for his post on the National Guard’s non-internment camps. For the rare distinction of having earned Olbermann’s blessing, let me be the first to say to Ed: You are the RINO king. Enjoy the throne of shame; if you need me, I’ll be at the bar adjusting to my new role as Hot Air’s “true conservative.”

I… I… just don’t know what to say. My world view has been shattered. What’s next? Michelle Malkin and Rachel Maddow co-hosting a show on how to rebuild the engine of a 72 Grand Torino, including helpful tips on how to get that pesky number 8 spark plug out without removing the front left wheel?

The truly odd part is that this particular honor came on the same day that Ed was named by John Hawkins as one of the most respected conservatives in the country. (In all fairness, he came in tied with Anne Coulter, so I’m not sure how much of an honor that one was.)

Still, he’ll have to go a ways to match my own accolades for receiving the “Asshat of the Day” award from The Other McCain. By the way, Bob, I’m still waiting for my trophy and certificate suitable for mounting.