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Posted by on Oct 23, 2018 in At TMV | 0 comments

Trump’s chance for peaceful engagement with Honduran refugees

Thousands of Hondurans who have grouped together – are walking toward us, toward the USA-Mexico border.

They can be met and their pleadings sorted out while they are re-hydrated with barrels of fresh water instead interrogated at the barrels of firearms – the latter speaking of crassness instead of compassion to the thousands of tragedies those walking here are carrying as deep burdens.

We have the resources to meet and care for and sort out the pleadings. Let no one try to persuade otherwise.

The last thing a wise person with powerful say-so ought do is try to intimidate or escalate a situation with people who are hungry, exhausted and desperate to protect others and themselves.

If they or even one is harmed or fired upon, they will fight to save their kin and children and themselves – as would most anyone trying desperately to find and work hard for a new dsy

Mr Trump has a choice right now to tune down calling persons he does not know – by ugly and untrue names meant to rouse ire and violent thought and reaction against unarmed innocents

Trump has a choice to come in peace, hold lines in peace, go forward in peace.

Speaking of, and/or endorsing violence causes some of weak mind and ill training to violate humane regard for others- sometimes under guise of ‘just following orders’

Though some repeat the shocking and unacceptable trope that Trump could murder someone in the street and get away with it-

Not one hair on one person’s head in the wave of Hondurans and others coming toward our border ought be harmed in any way, shape or form

Including govt or ice planting violent people amongst the innocent to say harming or killing the innocent was warranted. Including not lying that a seeker of asylum was thought to have pulled a gun when it was only a folded piece of paper. Those lies no longer fly outside our radar

We are not naive as we once were about behind the scenes plans that are unjust and inhumane to satisfy one’s voters instead of Holding to values of humane decency and ethics – ethics being higher than the law

And there are the decades long tragedies in Honduras Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala when the usa govt utterly backed the wrong side with money and arms and staffing of military against the central american people—

making the poor and the working class and the indigenous even more pitifully poor by destroying farmlands, bridges, roadways, factories, food supply routes

– and instead national and foreign interests squatted down hard on the vast natural resources of central america and island nations — whilst giving no fair share to the people upon whose backs they made their fabulous advantages and fortunes.

There is that USA allyship with corruptions in central america — that reality also that strongly contributes to the people of central america leaving their war-ruined countries to try for a better life.

The persons at top of usa-central american policy throughout the last half of 20th century have huge culpability in today’s mass migrations of pobrecitos, souls toward our frontier.

Ive heard all the arguments against those the usa helped to devastate over the past 100 years. Trump has a chance not to exploit by selling people to a new for-profit detention system/ prison system, funded by taxpayer money from the feds.

And trump has a chance to be a beacon of humanity now and not an antique pistol with loose hand grips.

We shall see what humanity and evenhandedness this President has truly.

Let not the profound error be made again of usa turning away a shipload of souls, Jews, as in the 1930s, and ¾ of the passengers slaughtered elsewhere -afterwards. (Auschwitz)

May all, on all pathways, be kept safe