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Posted by on Jul 17, 2011 in International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 1 comment

The Mahdi is Reappearing to Rid World of ‘Devils in Human Form’ (Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran)

It is time to celebrate – that is, unless you are the ‘Great Satan’ or any other devil in human form. Because today is the birthday of the Mahdi, also known as the Muslim Messiah. And according to Iran’s state-run Kayhan, it’s time to prepare ourselves for his return. Kayhan columnist Seyyed Ali Shahbaz informs us of the Mahdi’s imminent arrival – along with Jesus Christ – who it appears will be assisting with the Mahdi’s assignment to create ‘a global government of peace, prosperity, and justice.’

For Kayhan, Seyyed Ali Shahbaz writes in small part:

Whatever God has promised is the absolute truth, and whether one likes it or not, it will come to pass. In other words, our planet, after all it has been through since Cain killed his brother Abel; after all the tyrants which have terrorized mankind in every age and clime; after all the uses of weapons of mass destruction like the atomic bomb so criminally dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; will one day witness peace prosperity and justice.

A closer scrutiny of the words of God, especially those in the Holy Quran – regarded by us Muslims as the final and universally-applicable scripture of heaven for all mankind since it was revealed to the last and greatest of messengers, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) – reveals that a divinely guided reformer is needed if humanity is to be salvaged and led toward perfection.

He [the Mahdi] was born on the 15th of Sha’ban in the year 255 [of the Islamic calendar, or 869 AD] in the city of Samarra in Iraq. His mother was the pure and pious Greek Byzantine lady Narjes, descended on her mother’s side from Simeon, the prominent disciple and testamentary legatee of the Prophet Jesus – who will also reappear, as all Muslims believe. As a form of divine trial to test humanity he went into occultation [he disappeared], and by the will of God who has saved Jesus from crucifixion and kept him alive until this day, the Mahdi, 12th infallible successor of the greatest prophet, will reappear to cleanse the world of all vestiges of oppression and corruption.

“Only this anticipated savior will be capable of establishing a global government of peace, prosperity, and justice and cleanse the earth of all vestiges of corruption and oppression. … The Imam Mahdi will defeat all evil forces, deviant creeds and political systems throughout the world, and lead humanity toward a kind of progress that is beyond the imagination.

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