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Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in At TMV | 0 comments

Spider-Man: Homecoming review

I can’t remember the last time I fell this hard for a film. I like most movies but I fell head-over-heels for Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s a film full of joy. When the credits rolled, I almost felt the same way I do after watching The Sound of Music – uplifted and … joyous.


Michael Keaton is a big reason why I love this film. Every great movie needs a villain so good that they could steal the show – Keaton’s Vulture is just that. He’s wonderfully complex and the sequences he appears in are thrilling. There is a particular moment near the end of the film which stopped me cold and had me scratching my head at how Spidey was going to overcome him.

Tom Holland

And yes, Tom Holland is perfect as both Peter Parker AND Spider-Man. He had me cheering for him, laughing with and at him, and worrying for him every step of the way throughout the movie.

Most importantly, I felt like singing God Save The Queen at the end of the film simply because of how proud I was of Holland. We Brits are slowly taking over Hollywood and it is a thing of beauty. 

I hate rehashing the same boring DC vs Marvel arguments… BUT… if we are honest, this isn’t really a fight anymore. Yes, DC still has the best comic book film of all time in The Dark Knight – but I think Spider-Man: Homecoming is my number two. I wouldn’t be shocked if the film takes over TDK after multiple viewings – it is that dope. 

It’s clear that Marvel gets it – they are the Golden State Warriors right now and Spider-Man is their Kevin Durant.  

(Taken from the Chocolate Films blog)