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Posted by on Dec 23, 2019 in Politics, Society | 0 comments

Some Holiday Thoughts

Although I am technically in my “no politics at Christmas moratorium” I’m going to take a brief break to offer the following

Over the next couple weeks we will all be gathering with family, friends, etc and for many the urge to discuss politics will come up.

Before you do ask the following questions.

1. Does the other person already know your politics ?

2. Do you already know theirs ?

3. Are those views going to remain the same after the discussion ?

If you answered all three questions yes then.. DON’T DISCUSS POLITICS.

Talk about childhood memories

Talk about the cute things your kids are doing

Talk about that loved one who, although no longer with you, still brings smiles to your faces

Talk about the good things, the happy things, the nice things of life.

Enjoy love and fellowship for at least a few days

(By the way if you didn’t answer all three questions yes, the rule still applies.)