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Posted by on Nov 12, 2009 in Miscellaneous | 0 comments


It was a busy blogging day today for me:

Anti-Israel partisans were soundly defeated in their effort to convince the Norwegian NTNU to boycott Israel, as the university’s executive board unanimously rejected the measure.

Rhode Island’s governor vetoed a bill which would have allowed domestic partners the right to dispose of their partner’s remains. It’s a slippery slope to human dignity, after all.

In happier news, the LDS in Utah has surprisingly come out in favor of several important pieces of gay rights legislation in the state. Who would have guessed that Utah would be trumping Rhode Island on the gay rights axis today?

A new study finds people carry their racism online with them, and take it out on dark-skinned avatars. Anyone who has observed how female avatars are treated in virtual worlds shouldn’t be that surprised.

The Florida marine who beat up a Greek priest he thought was a terrorist is going for the ol’ “”gay Islamic Arab rapist terrorist defense.” A classic yet bold gambit.

And I’m spent.