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Posted by on Feb 20, 2020 in Politics | 0 comments

Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years 4 months in prison

Donald Trump’s longtime campaign adviser and friend Roger Stone has been sentenced by a judge to spend three years and four months in prison.

Now the only question is: so exactly when will Trump pardon him? NBC News:

“Roger Stone, a friend of President Donald Trump and longtime Republican campaign adviser, was sentenced to three years, four months in federal prison Thursday for obstructing a congressional investigation of Russia’s 2016 presidential election meddling.

“He was not prosecuted, as some have complained, for standing up for the president. He was prosecuted for covering up for the president,” Federal District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said before she handed down her sentence of 40 months, a $20,000 fine, two years of probation and 250 hours of community service.

Trump has called Stone’s prosecution a “disgrace,” but Jackson disagreed. “There was nothing unfair, phony, or disgraceful about the investigation or the prosecution,” the judge said.

“At his core, Mr. Stone is an insecure person who craves and recklessly pursues attention. Nothing about this case was a joke. It wasn’t funny,” she said.”

The Washington Post:

“In a lengthy speech before imposing the penalty, Jackson seemed to take aim at Trump, saying that Stone “was not prosecuted for standing up for the president; he was prosecuted for covering up for the president.” She also appeared to call out Attorney General William P. Barr, whose intervention to reduce career prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation she called “unprecedented.” But she said the politics surrounding the case had not influenced her final decision.

“The truth still exists; the truth still matters,” Jackson said. “Roger Stone’s insistence that it doesn’t, his belligerence, his pride in his own lies are a threat to our most fundamental institutions, to the foundations of our democracy. If it goes unpunished it will not be a victory for one party or another; everyone loses.”

She added, “The dismay and disgust at the defendant’s belligerence should transcend party.””

Meanwhile, Trump was actively tweeting about the proceedings — which led some on the Internet to sarcastically say this means Attorney General William Barr will therefore resign. Reports surfaced this week that Barr had threatened to quit if Trump kept tweeting about ongoing cases.

“Trump, meanwhile, weighed in publicly from afar — again bucking Barr’s public and private warnings to stop talking about Justice Department criminal cases. In a tweet, the president compared Stone to former FBI director James B. Comey, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Trump has suggested that each of them should be charged.”