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Posted by on Apr 5, 2020 in At TMV | 0 comments

Reminder that TMV appreciates donations

This is a scary financial time for everyone and all companies. And while The Moderate Voice does not need a bailout, a good part of its income comes from contributions. There are some ads but not enough, plus we’ve declined most sponsored posts or inquiries from people who want to put hidden links in their posts. We even accepted one and then returned the money and cancelled it (they were angry) because it had a link offering online cheat-pre-written term papers for students. The Moderate Voice is in need of some contributions. It’s easy to donate: just click on the Go Fund Me to the right.

TMV has actually cut and reduced some costs over the past few weeks. But there are some paid features the site has to keep or it’ll lose some major content that has become popular. Also, Site Administrator Tyrone Steels is close to putting in a new design that will modernize the site’s look and enhance its readability.

You can already start to see some changes here with some new writers, increased use of thoughtful and breaking news posts, and a few more features to come in coming months.

(This song is sadly fitting for the current time. Waiting in line for bread has been changed to waiting in line for toilet paper):