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Posted by on Jun 16, 2009 in International, Politics | 0 comments

‘I Pray for the Greatness of the Iranian People’

Per Views from the Occident, via Sullivan, the following point — made near the end of a statement from Grand Ayatullah Husayn (Hossein) ‘Ali Montazeri — is remarkable, given both its source and its alignment with what I’ve always understood to be a core value of our founding fathers:

A legitimate state must respect all points of view.

If you think that point resonates, consider this series of points a few lines later:

I ask the police and army personals not to “sell their religion”, and beware that receiving orders will not excuse them before god. Recognize the protesting youth as your children. Today censor and cutting telecommunication lines can not hide the truth.

For all those who dare view the “Muslim world” as one dimensional, as nothing but oppression and terrorism, read those lines again. Better yet, read the entire statement.