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Posted by on Jan 3, 2007 in At TMV | 6 comments

Our Makeover: Look At THIS

There are a lot of incremental and bigger changes still going on here at TMV. Some are minor glitches behind the scenes. But moving a blog from Powerblogs to WordPress is…a project.

You may have not noticed one of the changes that readers — and cobloggers — have often requested.From now on, if you click on the names in our CONTRIBUTORS column on the left, it will now not just show you a TMV writer’s blog or email address but will instead give you a linked list of his or her posts. That way you can read more of your favorite writers. (We plan to add a page of bios of TMV’s writers at a future date)
Our plan is to get all of these basic changes and the conversion from Powerblogs into place. The take a deep breath, learn to use what we have — and then we’re going to start looking at a more extensive redesign of TMV. After all, it is a new year (and a young century).