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Posted by on Jan 23, 2009 in Politics | 1 comment

New York Senator On Friday? (UPDATED)

Yep, it’s Gillibrand.

News reports are indicating that the seat vacated by Secretary Of State Clinton will be filled by New York Governor Paterson sometime on Friday. With Caroline Kennedy out of the running the front runners are Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand but I would not rule out a dark horse.

Kennedy reportedly dropped out for the same reasons that always seem to derail these kind of candidates, namely taxes and nanny issues. I must say I am always a little surprised that people in the public eye don’t take a little better care of these kinds of problems since they always seem to be the ones to pop up. I’m not even going to address the whole issue of wealthy liberals preaching worker rights and complaining about wealthy tax cheats only to¬†have these things show up (well not beyond this sentence).

As to who will get the seat, I am way beyond predicting things after how the last year has gone in terms of surprises, but I would lean towards assuming a woman will be appointed to the seat just on the whole equality/etc grounds that would seem to appeal to Paterson (as well as taking into account the probable remaining Clinton influences).

With some stories suggesting that Gillibrand is uncomfortable with being pushed for the seat might we see a Louise Slaughter or Carolyn Maloney.

When Governor Paterson lets us know, we will let you know.