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Posted by on Apr 12, 2018 in Media, Military, Politics, Syria, War | 0 comments

Mueller the War Hero, Trump the Complete Zero

After blabbering about pending military actions — having repeatedly condemned those who allegedly “telegraphed” such actions in the past — after alerting the perpetrators of the chemical attacks in Syria and their supporters so they can take defensive and counter-measure actions potentially putting out troops at risk, the commander-in-chief went on to promote a Fox Sean Hannity “conspiratorial” episode that would defame special counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey and many others calling Mueller part of “Deep State Crime Families.”

I no longer have adequate, “fit-for-print” words to describe such chicanery.

However, my good friend, a patriot, does in the form he does best in.

Here it is:

Mueller the War Hero
Trump the complete Zero

Mueller was a Viet Nam combat Marine decorated War Hero
Trump was a draft-dodging playboy: with military or government experience zero
Mueller focused on patriotic service: the second longest serving FBI chief
Trump inherited his Dad’s wealth: suspected by all to be a shady white-collar thief

Mueller’s private life was a model of propriety: Trump’s was constant notoriety
With three wives and countless affairs: Trump proved there was nothing there
Mueller’s soft spoken and focused: Trump bombastically spews out hocus-pocus
Despite Trump’s attacks: Mueller displays the solid character that Trump totally lacks

While Trump constantly bellows out his creed or hate, fear and greed
Mueller sticks to his principles in a manly fashion that this nation sorely needs
While Trump impulsively demands center stage and constant adoration
Mueller is comfortable in his own skin: an ideal role model for our nation

While Trump has his White House in total chaotic disarray
Mueller quietly and methodically grinds away
Trump continues his idiotic bluster
While Mueller conscientiously continues evidence to muster

While Trump impulsively declares policy and “future” actions by tweet
We learn about what’s going on in his dysfunctional White House by many a leak
Meanwhile Mueller keeps his cards close to his chest
Now I ask you – which policy is the best?

Trump attacked Obama for telegraphing his military actions
But he now does the same: Is it just to look tough: or just a distraction?
Trump will never be the hero that Mueller has proven to be
He’s an empty balloon: a babbling Baboon: it’s his end we may soon see!

Listen to the measured, responsible words by a real military leader.

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