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Posted by on Nov 1, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

Make Up Your Mind America

It’s been two years since the American electorate chased the Republicans from power. Tired of deficits, wars, financial collapse and special favors for the privileged, the voting public came to the collective decision that it was time the rascals left town. That was then. This is now.

Still tired of now-increasing deficits, continuing wars, financial collapse still unresolved and new special favors for the privileged, it’s time, say the voters, for the replacement rascals to leave town. And, round the merry-go-round spins. The blue and white horsey with the gold trim on the rise, then falling as the red and white horsey with the gold trim goes up in its turn.

No real option in sight, it’s deze rascals or doze rascals. I wish I could say it mattered. It doesn’t. Maybe a little at the margins, but not really. Different lobbyists will get the keys to congressional office buildings, but they’ll still be handing out keys to lobbyists. Different money will have prevailed, but the money that greases the wheels will continue to program the calliope.

Predictions? Ok, here are a few.

• Republicans pick up 49 House seats and 5 Senate seats.
• Lieberman switches from Independent to Republican by March
• Republicans hold 30 governorships come January

Oh, one last prediction. Deficits continue to increase, wars continue, the financial collapse remains unresolved and worsens, and there will be special favors for the privileged. Anything else? Just this: Republicans will blame the Democratic Administration, and Democrats will blame the Republican House. Deze rascals or doze rascals. Make up your mind America.