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Posted by on Nov 29, 2013 in Crime | 0 comments

Life imitates cliched art: Mafia killer fed screaming rival to killer pigs


It’s now a cliche due to James Bond movies, gangster movies and other films that a mafia boss is brutal and a bad, evil guy will feed his enemy to something that can eat him alive. Here’s life imitating cliched Hollywood art:

An Italian mobster fed a rival gangster to starving pigs — and then marveled at how the victim screamed and how the swine gorged themselves, police say.

The gruesome tale — right out the movie “Hannibal” — came to light when police released a wiretapped phone call by Simone Pepe, a member of the ‘Ndrangheta, the most powerful and violent of Italy’s four Mafias.

The caller recounts how he used an iron bar to beat Francesco Raccosta, a member of another family in the Calabrian region, and then threw him into a sty.

“It was so satisfying hearing him scream … mamma mia, he could scream!” he said, adding that there wasn’t “a thing left” after the feeding frenzy.

“People say sometimes they [the pigs] leave something,” he added.

Perhaps pigs are really into Italian food.