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Posted by on Jun 28, 2020 in Afghanistan, Corruption, Government, International, Military, Politics, Russia, Scandals, Turkey, War | 0 comments

Just When You Thought Things Could Not Get Worse…

U.S. Army Soldiers in Afghanistan – DoD photo

It is said that “things” sound better in rhyme. Thus, I give my friend credit for his fortitude to put the truly obscene, criminal and daily “presidential” scandals in a more “palatable” form.

His most recent poem, called “Trump, Barr and Flynn – Other more dangerous scandals begin,” is posted later.

It was written before the latest, most revolting and most treasonous Trump scandal became public.

This one cannot be sugarcoated in rhyme form.

This one cannot and will not be swept under the rug by Republicans.

This one is about a heinous Russian plot to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill our troops in Afghanistan.

A plot which, according to the New York Times, U.S. intelligence officers and Special Operations forces in Afghanistan alerted their superiors as early as January.

A plot that has been under discussion inside the Trump administration since at least March.

A plot that, according to one official, was briefed to “the highest levels of the White House,” and which another official said “was included in the President’s Daily Brief…”

A plot Trump has denied ever having been “briefed or told” about.

One can read the sickening details about this latest scandal in The Times’ “Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops.

However, a prominent Republican group, The Lincoln Project, can perhaps save the readers’ time with this video:

Now the poem:

When will this overt politicization of our legal system end: what message does it send?
When added to a Roger Stone sentence intervention: what’s the “hidden” intention?
General Flynn, who Obama fired: despite multiple negative warnings: was by Trump hired
He lasted as National Security Director all of 17 days, then he was fired

Being paid by Russian Television and the honored dinner guest of Putin made things initially murky
Then he was found to have broken the law by being an unreported lobbyist for Turkey
A Russian Ambassador tap, caught favor-offering Flynn in a perjury trap
Then not once, but twice, to the FBI he lied: he pleaded guilty: but now he takes it back

Now corruption in government is nothing new: it has been seen in governments red and blue
It runs from bribe taking: to back-room deals with lobbyist making
But it should have extra scrutiny: when it effects national security
So, why has Flynn’s case been opened again when he pleaded guilty way back when?

The claim: he was subject to unwarranted pressure: he just finally gave in: the deep state was against him
They are trying to give leniency: to a retired three-star general who had led an intelligence agency
He is and was a Trump supporter and not an inexperienced chap: who was “vindictively led into a trap”
If anyone knew the international intelligence scene: it was Flynn, who committed a perjury sin

Flynn ran the Defense Intelligence Agency: with representatives in essentially all USA Embassies
Plus, analysts and intel collectors galore: at least 17,000 total force or more
Obama fired him as being unfit: then advised Trump not to give him a position in which to sit
But Trump, perhaps for Obama to spite: named him National Security Advisor: but it didn’t turn out all right

Now Trump and Barr want his charges readdressed: but, does anyone believe he was forced to confess?
Flynn was a trained intelligence operator: standing up to interrogations: was to him just second nature
Now Attorney Berman of the New York district is fired by Trump: so, will cases against him go in the dump?
Inaugural funding, a Turkish Bank, personal tax: plus, Giuliani are/were under his attack

As scandals go, Trump has been leading the pack: along with egotistical claims bogus
But it’s no longer on the salacious Stormy Daniels or Trump University scandals we need to focus
These new cases have set dangerous new lows, for even an ounce of credibility they do lack
Our very Constitution, our vital Separation of Powers, and Rule of Law are under attack