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Posted by on Apr 20, 2009 in Politics | 4 comments

Israeli Spies? We Don’t Know What You Mean…

Since so many other people are already piling on to the party, I won’t spend too much time wondering why Jane Harmon was allegedly caught chatting up an Israeli spy, likely an associate of AIPAC. The question of the day for TMV readers is the following: what do all of these posts have in common?

Harmon Recorded Making Deal With Israeli Agents

Harman caught on wiretap bargaining for intervention in espionage case

Dem Harman Caught On Tape Making Deals For Committee Chairmanship

Well, they have a number of things in common. They all point out that Harmon is a Democrat in Congress and is in trouble. They all speculate on how the Democrats will spin this into something involving Bush and Alberto Gonzales. (We’ve even found one willing to blame the whole thing on Obama.)

But the glaring similarity all of these opinion pieces share is found more in what they don’t say. How is it that such a large volume of analysis could take place with not one person pausing to wonder what in the hell Irael was doing spying on us? Oh, wait… I forgot. We don’t ask questions like that about Israel and AIPAC is never to be mentioned in anything but glowing terms.

Oh, those adorable goofs at AIPAC! Last week it was goldfish in the water cooler and now they’re spying on us. What next? Woopie cushions in the Senate? Har Har Har!

Shhhhh… don’t repeat this, link to it, or mention it to your friends. It doesn’t matter which party holds power in Washington. If you’re heard asking questions about Israel, it will be your phone next now that they’ve already nailed down Harmon.