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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

Is HCR Making Your Insurance Go Up ?

I’ve been expecting it ever since Health Care Reform passed but i just got word that my health insurance premiums are going up 20% this year. First big increase (other than for age bracket) changes in some time.

I will absorb the hike, probably by dropping dental coverage (which is to me of debatable value) and being single I am not in too bad of a position. I can only imagine what a family of four might experience. Of course part of my issue is being self employed I don’t have employer subsidized coverage.

But since our little web site has a pretty diverse following, I thought I’d check to see how the rest of you are faring.

So have your premiums gone up ?

If so did they go up a lot or a little ?

Have they gone up in the past like this or is it unusual ?

Obviously it would also help if you provided a little background (within obvious privacy limits). For example I’m single and reasonably healthy but am moving towards middle age (IE I’m not a 20 year old anymore). Certainly for some the issues of age or health could impact premiums, so it would be helpful if you provided that caveat when you discuss your status.

So please chime on in.