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Posted by on May 8, 2009 in Politics | 41 comments

GOP Gitmo Fearmongering Continues

They’re at it again, and apparently quite proud of it. In an email TMV received this morning from Ericka Andersen with the House Republican Conference, she describes this particular work, released last night, as “a great video” and encourages us to “Spread the word!”

OK. I’ll take the bait. And while I’m at it, I’ll turn the video’s concluding question — “How does closing Guantanamo Bay make us safer” — back to the GOP and ask: “How does the act of keeping these prisoners at Guantanamo Bay make us safer?”

Other than miles of ocean, what distinguishes the Gitmo facility from military prisons on U.S. soil? Does the GOP believe the U.S. military is not competent enough to keep terrorists locked up in any facility other than Gitmo? Are we such cowards that we must house our enemies anywhere but here?

Seriously: I’m willing to be convinced. But rather than lowest-common-denominator tactics, could we please engage in an intelligent, fact-driven discussion of the merits of Gitmo versus all other facilities under U.S. control?

I’m from Missouri. Show me the facts. Otherwise, please … go away.