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Posted by on Feb 4, 2008 in Politics | 1 comment

Global Issues and American Presidential Elections

The French-language press rarely disappoints. The Swiss daily, Le Temps, translated at Watching America, describes the American Presidential elections thus:

However the chips may fall, this presidential election is a choice among exceptions: Hillary Clinton, the first woman president, Barack Obama, the first black president, and John McCain, the oldest president at the beginning of his mandate.

The USA is supremely important, all the while its currency remains the principle currency and its educational establishments are the best in the world (and they are), but beyond this, the USA at election time is its own Hollywood.

Quotes Le Temps,

The United States always excite the dream: the election is a show, a spectacle in its own right. We never scrutinize in the same way elections in China, for example

But this time, there’s even more;

“This election is particularly interesting because it does not re-enact another wrestling match between Republicans and Democrats, but rather poses the question: are the United States about to change?” – Bruno Engelric, Director of Motor-Engineering at Ferrari.

The bottom line:

If change does not happen, Uncle Sam’s country is likely to suffer the same fate as the United Kingdom, which passed from being a world power in the nineteenth century to become a country of lesser importance.

The must-read article is here at WATCHING