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Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Guns, Politics | 9 comments

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to Sign Controversial Gun Bill Into Law

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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is set to sign into law a controversial gun bill that will greatly expand where one can pack heat. Of course, oblivious to many is that the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law is expanded in this bill. Still, Gov. Deal is touting bill as having “significant positive changes.” But for whom?

House Bill 60 allows Georgians to legally carry firearms in more places, including schools, bars, churches and government buildings. A recent analysis found that the bill could allow felons use the state’s “stand your ground” rules to claim self-defense if they feel threatened.

During an interview earlier this week, Gov. Deal said voters shouldn’t forget what was left out of the bill. That includes the “campus carry” provision, which would have legalized the carrying of guns on campus and religious leaders can “opt-in” to allow guns into their churches.

Gov. Deal:  “There are always opportunities for people to use any piece of legislation as a political tool if they don’t like it. But there was bipartisan support for the bill. The main story that should come out of it is the final product is significantly different from earlier versions. And some of the more [pause] interesting parts were removed.”

This was cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette.