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Posted by on Jul 5, 2017 in 2016 Presidential Election, Books, Breaking News, Democracy, Education, Free Speech, Government, Journalism, Media, Mental Health, Mental Health, Politics, Russia, Sex, Television, Women | 0 comments

A Frat Boy In The White House

It didn’t seem possible a few years ago, but now it’s happened. Against all odds, America has a seventy-one year old frat boy in the White House. (This statement is probably demeaning to fraternity members.) Instead of spending time learning about how government works and what he can do to make it more efficient and more helpful for the nation’s citizens, the president spews out tweets against television or newspaper journalists who he feels have denigrated him. Instead of studying the problems of America’s health system, inequality, tax reform, foreign affairs, and so forth, Trump is busy watching cable TV and reacting to perceived or real slights.

Trump is willing to get into cat fights with TV personalities, calling them all kinds of names and challenging their intelligence. This is from a man who never reads books and has an attention span of minus five seconds. In a conference or briefing, he drifts from subject to subject without any real organization, saying whatever is on his mind whether or not it relates to the topic at hand. In what Trump must consider clever, he tweeted himself triumphant in a mock wrestling match with CNN. Then he said that the ‘fake news’ companies were against his being elected, but he’s president and they’re not- Nah, nah, nih, nah, nah! Actually, maybe his maturity is below that of a frat boy. Why doesn’t he use his imagination to get some positive things done for America?

And just like a college freshman, Trump sees women as sexual objects and himself as the triumphant male who can grab a woman by the ‘pussy’ and she will want to go to bed with him. Has he looked at himself in the mirror recently? He’s an elderly fat pig who’s done nothing physically to keep himself in shape, with a puffy red face and orange hair. If women want to sleep with him, either they’re demented or are after his money and power. It ain’t for his body.

I guess Mar a Lago is his fraternity, where he hangs out with the boys, shoots the shit, and plays a little golf. (Does he ever walk the course?) And just like in college, our freshman president has four years before he graduates, but may decide on post graduate study for another four years before he goes to work in the real world. However, it’s possible that he won’t be admitted to the university for post graduate courses, particularly if he fails at his undergraduate work. So far, he has an incomplete in all of his classes. None of his papers have been finished on time and he never handed in his final tests.

Of course, it’s possible that he could get kicked out of school and never get to finish his undergraduate studies. It’s really amazing he’s even gotten this far, without reading the required syllabus and listening to the lectures. He may not like his professors, but he still has to pay attention to what they have to say if he expects to pass any of their tests. Trump has to remember that he’s not in school to party and have a good time, but to learn and perform well so he can go on to graduate school. And though his father won’t be able to pay to get him admitted this time, he has other benefactors who are willing to pick up the slack. At the moment, however, his future remains up in the air.

Resurrecting Democracy
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