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Posted by on Aug 31, 2007 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics | 4 comments

Craig’s Toiletgate Has Late Night Comedians On A Roll

Oh, those late night comedians love the scandal surrounding Republican Senator Larry Craig’s airport men’s room arrest. Here’s a long list of their jokes. Some are quite adult oriented (go to the link and read the entire list).

Most of the jokes are essentially about hypocrisy or are new gay or recycled stock gay jokes. Here are a few of the tamer and funnier ones:

“How about that poor Senator Craig from Idaho? … So he gets arrested in a men’s room there at the airport in Minneapolis. And here’s the deal now. He’s now in Stage One of a political sex scandal: defiance. Stage Two: stepping down to spend more time with his family. Stage Three: ‘I’m gay and I’m proud!'” –David Letterman

“The guy was arrested for lewd behavior in the men’s room, and I’m thinking, ‘Well, hell. I’m lucky if I can get a hand dryer to blow'” –David Letterman

“Senator Larry Craig declared he won’t quit and he’s not gay. And then Craig said ‘I’m sorry. I meant to say I won’t quit being gay.'” –Conan O’Brien

“Idaho Senator Larry Craig is now being called the hole from Idaho.” –Jay Leno

“A lot of people are calling Senator Craig a hypocrite because he was a very vocal opponent of same-sex marriages. … But to be fair, he has never come out publicly against anonymous gay bathroom sex.” –Jay Leno

“This whole thing has to be very frustrating for the Republican Party. All these gay sex scandals and they still can’t get any support from Hollywood.” –Jay Leno

“The Democrats may have control of the House, but the Republicans have control of the bathrooms.” –Jay Leno

“Sen. Craig gave a press conference today where he said, I’m not gay, I’ve never been way. Then he apologized to his wife, Liza Minelli.” –Jay Leno

“There’s another scandal in Washington. One of the senator’s from Idaho, Larry Craig, was arrested in airport men’s room. Gives new meaning to the word caucusing.'” –David Letterman

“Sen. Craig said he made a mistake by pleading guilty. And I was thinking, maybe that was your second mistake.” –David Letterman

“Needless to say, Senator Craig is also anti-gay marriage and gays in the military, which I think, shows he doesn’t let his personal needs interfere with his work.” –Jimmy Kimmel