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Posted by on May 27, 2016 in Cartoons | 5 comments

Cartoons: Pocahontas


by Clay Jones

There’s a Trump Patch. What it does it prevent withdrawals for cartoonists when they go more than one day without drawing a Donald Trump cartoon. The side affects are it makes the cartoonists draw cartoons about slow TSA lines, and Goofy as the Veterans Administration.

Believe it or not, my last six cartoons did not have anything to do with Donald Trump. Amazing right? I could only quit for so long and the Orange One gave me plenty of topics to choose from.

He has just acquired the 1,237 delegates required to secure the GOP nomination. He’s back to warring with women, from New Mexico’s Republican governor Susana Martinez, to Hillary Clinton, to Elizabeth Warren. He said he’s willing to debate Bernie Sanders if it will provide $10 million to charity, never mind whatever happened to the donation last time he claimed he raised money for charity (this could be a clue why he’s audited every year). He’s been dredging up conspiracy theories from the 1990’s, such as the Clinton’s being behind the death of Vince Foster (and then saying he doesn’t believe it should be in the campaign discussion after he’s the one who brought it up). There was even another riot at a Trump rally. Trump even expressed his hope that a statue of his likeness is erected in D.C. Why even wait for the election?

My favorite though is Trump referring to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.”

Trump has been in a Twitter spat with Warren, and she’s been trolling him royally and taking him to school. Trump has called her “goofy” and a failure as a senator and has been repeating the nickname and slur “Pocahontas.” He thinks it’s clever. I’m still waiting for him to pivot to presidential.

Trump held a little press conference in North Dakota to celebrate acquiring the magic number of delegates, and once again he spoke of Warren as “Pocahontas.” North Dakota is a state rich with Native Americans. Trump probably didn’t know that. A reporter, of indigenous descent, informed him that it was offensive. For a split second Trump seemed kinda humble and replied “oh it is?” and then he repeated the slur. Nice double down.

Referring to Warren as “Pocahontas” is just as offensive and racist as it would be if Trump had referred to New Mexico’s governor as “Speedy Gonzalez.” We should probably be thankful that while he was feuding with Ben Carson that he didn’t slap the name on him of that character from Tom Sawyer.

And yet, Trump is totally mystified why white supremacists are endorsing him. Being this clueless should be a disqualifier from the presidency.

I think I made my point with this cartoon, not that someone with Trump’s intellect will get it.

This cartoon and post by Clay Jones are from his website