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Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Breaking News, Media, Politics | 61 comments

BREAKING: Sarah and Todd Palin To Divorce? (TWO UPDATES)


Question mark because the reports are not 100 percent solid yet, but the news, which was broken by a local Alaska publication called Alaska Report News and a blog called the Immoral Minority, is starting to be picked up by other blogs and publications, including Mudflats — an Alaskan blog that is highly regarded:

According to The Immoral Minority blog who was the first one out of the chute with this story, and The Alaska Report, known for breaking news on Palin, the Palins’ marriage is on the rocks.  Both outlets stick by their sources in Anchorage and Wasilla.

According to the Immoral Minority’s bombshell post this morning, the Palin’s are calling it quits, she tossed her wedding ring in the lake, she has purchased land in Montana, Todd pulled a gun on Levi Johnston back in the summer of 2008, Levi has given an “explosive” interview to Vanity Fair Magazine, and Sherry Johnston’s court date was pushed up to allow negotiations which were not possible with Palin as governor pressuring for the maximum penalties in her drug case.

More at Memeorandum.

UPDATE: Lots more blogs starting to report in now.  Via Alaska Report, MSNBC’s First Read blog noted the distinct hostility between the Palins at her farewell resignation speech a week ago.  Apparently Sarah Palin left immediately after the speech, with Piper and Trig, leaving Todd behind to find his own way home. Also: The stress on the Palins’ marriage was, according to Alaska Report News, the main reason why Palin quit the governorship.

UPDATE 2: Sarah Palin’s attorney has denied the reports that the Palins are divorcing, according to CBS News.

An attorney for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has denied a report that she and her husband are planning to divorce.

Sarah Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, told CBS News that the report of a divorce is “categorically false.”

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. I had family visiting and just got back to the computer.