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Posted by on Jun 3, 2008 in At TMV | 1 comment

Blogroll Glitch (UPDATE)

Due to a system glitch, our Center Voices links on our blogroll has vanished — and the system dumped all of them into Other Voices. We’re working on the problem. If our Center Voices blogroll category can’t be restored, I’ll go through each link under Other Voices and transfer the ones I think belonged there into that category. We regret the glitch.

UPDATE: It turns out the Center Voices category has simply vanished and can’t be restored intact — but all the Center Voices links were somehow dumped into Other Voices. So in coming days I will be going through that category and — once Center Voices as a category is restored — transferring any and all websites that can fit into that category into Center Voices.

If you have a website and are looking for your vanished link on our blogroll, look under Other Voices. Hopefully this will be fixed by the end of the week.