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Posted by on Oct 14, 2008 in At TMV | 12 comments

Bill Ayers & The Fog of Pathos


A fog of pathos has settled over the McCain-Palin campaign. While the Sarahcudda continues feeding red meat to the dwindling audiences at campaign rallies, which is the only thing she has been adept at, the Big Guy keeps peeing all over those $525 Italian loafers.

The Bill Ayers “controversy” is a window through the fog into McCain’s state of mind.

Whenever he has met Obama face to face in recent weeks, he inevitably fails to call him out on his own campaign’s attack ad memes despite boastful assertions beforehand that he is “going to take the gloves off.” But the gloves stay on and he retreats behind a stage presence that hardly masks his contempt for Obama.

Ayers was going to be the fists at the second debate, but once again the gloves never came off. Asked later why he didn’t mention Ayers, McCain answered that it was because “it didn’t come up in the flow of conversation,” prompting well deserved ridicule and some ribbing from Obama himself.

Now McCain says that he will bring Ayers up in the final debate tomorrow night.

And guess what? Obama is to blame for him having to defend his honor.

Photograph by Roger N. Clark