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Posted by on Nov 17, 2009 in Politics | 17 comments

Be Careful What You Wish For, Part 328

Michael Cohen, over at Politico, has once more dredged up the same old, tired cloth rending which we always seem to get from the oppressed majority. (Yes, you read that correctly… the oppressed majority.) Tired of the difficulties encountered in doing business with the minority party, Michael bravely calls for an end to the “GOP’s filibuster folly.” How dare a party with less than sixty seats in the Senate employ legislative tactics and trickery to slow down the Obamapalooza train? Clearly we must put a stop to this.

Ah, yes, Michael. You take me back fondly to the bad old days of the first term of George W. Bush. The GOP was riding roughshod over the Democrats like a far more boring version of Girls Gone Wild and the president was rubber stamping each and every thing they tossed on his desk with nary a veto in sight. (Is any of this sounding familiar yet?) But still, they were not satisfied. Whether it was pet legislation or the appointment of judges, those pesky Democrats kept gumming up the works and stopping the realization of the dreams of all good conservatives. The solution? Some started calling for exactly the same thing, even naming it the “nuclear option” for certain procedures.

And at that time, I cautioned them to be careful what they wished for. Voters are a fickle lot, and any party leaders who really think they’ve locked up the chambers for good need to have their brownies checked for mind altering plant content. The shoe always winds up on the other foot sooner or later, and whatever weapons you craft for yourself will wind up in the hands of your enemy.

Now that the worm has turned, Democrats of all stripes have been mumbling about reconciliation or crushing of filibusters to get their various pet projects into green light status. Can you do it? Sure you can. Should you?

Take a good look at the polls. Your congressional majority is currently about as popular as a skunk in a church pew and anti-incumbent sentiments are at near record highs. If you don’t find a way to turn things around, not only will you not be part of a “permanent Democratic majority” but you’ll go into the trivia books as one of the shortest lived majorities on record. And if the unemployment rate doesn’t start heading south in a serious fashion in the next 24 months, President Obama may want to start looking into turning the utilities back on in his Chicago digs.

Now ask yourselves this… do you really want a potential new Republican majority to do anything they want in the Senate with only fifty votes and a compliant vice president? I didn’t think so.

Be careful…