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Posted by on Sep 14, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

Bad news for Democrats

Christine O’Donnel, the tea party candidate, has apparently won the Republican primary for the Senate.  This pretty much guarantees a Democratic win in Delaware.  Now you might think this was a good thing for the Democrats as it makes it unlikely the Republicans will take control of the Senate – you would be wrong.  Nothing constructive is going to happen the next two years no matter who controls the House and the Senate.  But that really doesn’t matter because there is really nothing lawmakers can do to fix the too broken to fix economy.  So looking ahead to 2012 the best thing for the Democrats is to share the blame.  The best possible scenario for the Democrats is a House full of Teatards spending all of their time as lawmakers trying to impeach Obama for being a Kenyon born anti colonialist Marxist while the economy burns.  The republicans taking control of the House would be a Democratic victory.  The Republicans taking control of the Senate as well would be a double victory.

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