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Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 in Business, Economy, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Society | 2 comments

America and the Soviet Union: From Pyramid Builders to Pyramid Raiders (Yezhednevniy Zhurnal, Russia)

Is America going the way of ancient Egypt and the Soviet Union? Columnist Avtandil Tsuladze of Russia’s Yezhednevniy Zhurnal writes that America built a pyramid based on a gold-backed dollar. It then proceeded to loot it for all it was worth by making it the global currency of choice, rejecting the gold standard and exploiting its inflated value – until now.

For Russian’s Yezhednevniy Zhurnal, columnist Avtandil Tsuladze writes in small part:

Having the dollar as the global currency facilitated a clever financial fraud – increasing the dominance of the U.S. economy with the resources of other nations. … This strategy was a success: The dollar ‘pyramid’ brought down the Soviet ‘pyramid.’ The Cold War was won. But what to do with this victory? In the U.S., the era of the ‘pyramid raiders’ began.”

Under Bill Clinton, a budget surplus was achieved. But the oligarchy that formed during the Cold War was upset with these frugal policies. Why be petty when, having an instrument as mighty as the dollar in your hands, one can disperse throughout the entire global economy and receive super-profits? Clinton was discredited with ” Monicagate.”

Under Bush Jr., the former Reagan team began to operate in the same spirit as during the Cold War. The terrorist attacks of September 11 were very handy. Under the guise of fighting terrorism, the machine of government spending began to spin even faster than under Reagan – the limiting factor of the USSR no longer existed. Americans began to loot the “pyramid” that enabled them to topple their arch enemy.

The only chance for the United States now is to paw the raw materials of other countries. When the Egyptian pharaohs were short of money to build pyramids, they unleashed wars with neighboring states. The spoils went toward the further development of the “economic pyramid.” America’s “pharaohs” must act according to the same scheme. The destabilization of the Middle East has the goal of removing local elites in exchange for managers who will give the Americans open access to the wealth of raw materials in the region. In the United States, it is understood that the inflatable dollar “pyramid” has exhausted itself. If money isn’t backed in the form of gold or something else, sooner or later this ” Ponzi scheme” will implode.

It’s no coincidence that Robert Zoellick has suggested a return, at least in part, to the “gold standard.” The record rise in gold prices and in other precious metals is completely understandable – investors are looking for ways to reliably protect their capital. But the “gold standard” wouldn’t ensure the necessary economic dynamics. It would, however, ensure oil. The growing consumption of raw materials around the world makes this product the basis of the global economy. De facto, the dollar is already pegged to oil. Oil prices and the “weight” of the dollar are inversely proportional: when oil prices go up, the dollar’s value goes down. Therefore, the control of global oil reserves is a strategic objective of the United States. The new “oil standard” of the dollar will accelerate the U.S. economy and replace America’s inflated dollar “pyramid” with an oil “pyramid.”

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