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Posted by on Jul 9, 2009 in At TMV | 3 comments

Administration Mis-Spokes

We’d all like to believe that pronouncements from the Obama Administration in recent days and months are true—or at least that the people doing the pronouncing believe them to be true. Here’s a list of some things, however, that may not turn out to be totally accurate.

The G-8’s commitment to check global warming will not be slowed by fears about possible negative economic impacts.

Sixty Democratic senators mean that this august body can finally pass difficult legislation.

A troop drawdown in Iraq doesn’t mean we will back away from our commitments to the Iraqi people.

The President’s faith in Fed Chairman Bernanke remains strong.

The dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency well into the future.

No new stimulus package will be needed any time soon.

We won’t compromise with israel when it comes to settlement building that violates international law.

Horrible economic news that nonetheless beats expectations of Wall Street analysts is really good news

Promises by hospitals and big pharma that they will help reduce health costs are firm.

The slogan “as GM goes, so goes the nation” probably won’t turn out to be true.