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Posted by on Oct 14, 2008 in At TMV | 12 comments

Bill Ayers & The Fog of Pathos


A fog of pathos has settled over the McCain-Palin campaign. While the Sarahcudda continues feeding red meat to the dwindling audiences at campaign rallies, which is the only thing she has been adept at, the Big Guy keeps peeing all over those $525 Italian loafers.

The Bill Ayers “controversy” is a window through the fog into McCain’s state of mind.

Whenever he has met Obama face to face in recent weeks, he inevitably fails to call him out on his own campaign’s attack ad memes despite boastful assertions beforehand that he is “going to take the gloves off.” But the gloves stay on and he retreats behind a stage presence that hardly masks his contempt for Obama.

Ayers was going to be the fists at the second debate, but once again the gloves never came off. Asked later why he didn’t mention Ayers, McCain answered that it was because “it didn’t come up in the flow of conversation,” prompting well deserved ridicule and some ribbing from Obama himself.

Now McCain says that he will bring Ayers up in the final debate tomorrow night.

And guess what? Obama is to blame for him having to defend his honor.

Photograph by Roger N. Clark

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  • DLS

    Actually, should we choose to visit an intelligent subject for a change, ACORN is a notorious organization and Obama’s ties to ACORN should have been criticized an eon ago by the other Dem candidates, if they had any scruples.

    Now, if “Juan” McCain (to use a nickname people like Super-D would recognize) were to criticize Obama’s ties to ACORN now, it might be the final boost to get Obama elected. For regarding McCain and ACORN,

  • rudi

    DLS, isn’t McCain’s connection to ACORN even more of a problem? Your link mentions McCain and Teddy “kissing in a tree” at ACORN.

  • JSpencer

    DLS, you’re lost again. This isn’t about ACORN. Keep looking…

    Interesting how McCain is rationalizing his plan to talk about Ayers during the debate. It’s typically convoluted, and I say typically because only politics can be responsible for such illogic. I wonder if McCain will actually will bring it up? And will he explain to the audience his rationale for doing so? Will he expect them to buy it? Maybe he’s just trying to psych himself up…

  • DLS

    “DLS, isn’t McCain’s connection to ACORN even more of a problem? Your link mentions McCain and Teddy “kissing in a tree” at ACORN.”

    That’s the point. Again — “Juan” McCain.

  • DLS

    “you’re lost again”

    Right. “if ‘Juan’ McCain (to use a nickname people like Super-D would recognize) were to criticize Obama’s ties to ACORN now, it might be the final boost to get Obama elected” is too difficult for you to read, and understand, _again_. [sigh]

  • JSpencer

    DLS, sorry, I’m not familiar with the “Juan McCain” or the “Super-D” references, but then I’m not trying to update myself on the latest political trivia every moment. My point was that many of your comments seem to be non sequiturs having little to do with the actual topic, which in this case was Ayers. At least you aren’t making the same post over and over again – like someone else around here does. 😉

  • DLS

    “Super-D” is Superdestroyer, obviously. “Juan” McCain is the name McCain has earned among immigration-reform conservatives. I don’t engage in non sequiturs; if something seems so abrupt it’s a change of subject, well, in fact, sometimes I do change the subject, rather than scold Shaun for more whining. (I still wonder what he’s going to do once Obama is elected — change to euphoric Jim Jonesist, maybe?)

  • DLS

    This was an instance where I deliberately introduced another, different, subject, of more value than the original subject of this thread (and its nature).

  • DLS is right about this. ACORN is as dry a well as Ayers. Keep it up McCain. You’re a loser.

    League of Women voters says that out of 9 million votes in Ohio, there were only 4 cases of voter fraud. Now THAT is a dry well. If McCain brings it up, Obama will deftly jiu-jitsu it with the facts and McCain will look like an idiot. Again.
    (pdf warning.

    How about McCain’s new “Transition Manager”. Former lobbyist for Saddam Hussein. Are you kidding? Hahahahaha. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Oh, yeah. The subject was Ayers, a 60s campus radical, not arrested, indicted or convicted of “terrorism” (or anything except a sit-in AFAIK) who’s now a respected college professor selected by major McCain campaign funder Annenberg to serve on his nonprofit board. Oops. DLS, don’t you see what weak tea that is?

  • JSpencer

    DLS : “”Super-D” is Superdestroyer”

    Ah yes, of course. Coincidentally enough that’s who I had in mind with the “same post over and over” comment. Are you sure SD isn’t one of your alternate personalities? 😉 No, you probably wouldn’t be silly enough to use that absurd terrorist picture would you. Or maybe that’s just a pic of Super-D – in which case I apologize for my gross insensitivity.

    GreenDreams, you make an excellent point. When the very, very high number of legitimate new voters ACORN has helped become enfranchised is weighed against the very, very few cases that are getting certain people in a tizzy, then we can gain some useful perspective… that is, for those who care about things like useful perspective. 😉

  • DLS

    McCain and dry wells: “Drill, baby, drill!” — Green Dreams

    * * *

    “Are you sure SD isn’t one of your alternate personalities?”

    Nope, he’s not any of ’em. I don’t share his belief in imminent GOP extinction.

    “ACORN […] useful perspective”

    Actually, Obama could be clobbered with ACORN, which is why I’ve grumbled about ACORN.

    But it’s too little, too late, and McCain would have to have someone else or rely on someone else (righty talkers) do it (and some righty talkers may already be doing it, but it isn’t getting far given McCain’s own history here and his lack of appeal as an alternative to Obama, the real problem the entire campaign).

    * * *

    “DLS, don’t you see what weak tea that is?”

    Obama and Ayers? At this point, much weaker than the economy, that’s for certain. But the tea is stronger than is being reported — or admitted.

    Basically, people are writing about or revealing (partially) what should have been an issue for real beginning the day after Super Tuesday, or at least after the Dems’ convention. But it’s too late now.

    As for ACORN — they go beyond mere vote fraud. Quite a “heritage”:

  • JSpencer

    Of course the bulk of the criticism against ACORN would evaporate if they were a rightward advocacy rather than a leftward advocacy organization. From the first link : “Acorn uses various affiliated groups to agitate for “a living wage,” for “affordable housing,” for “tax justice” and union and environmental goals” . . uh huh. Well, they do a lot of grassroots work with the urban poor, and thier critics complain they use those folks to their own purposes, but hey, guess what? At least they are doing something with them and not ignoring them like everyone else. Yup, I read all the diatribes and list of offenses, and while I can appreciate some of the concerns, I’m not yet convinced that overall they do more bad than good. Bottom line for conservatives: they don’t like seeing all those new democrat voters; they would prefer they stayed home.

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