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Posted by on Aug 12, 2008 in Politics | 21 comments

Yes, I’m a Fence Sitter

It’s official. Andrew Sullivan is no longer just an Obama supporter, he’s now a McCain detractor, dinging the Senator from Arizona in three posts in three hours and fifteen minutes yesterday, here, here, and here.

I’m not entirely surprised. For some time now, Sullivan has been dropping hints (subtle and not so) that he was headed in this direction. Hell, for all I know, he already outright acknowledged the shift, somewhere in the recent past, and I missed the confession.

Nor can I blame him. My support for McCain has been waffling of late, too, and for many of the same reasons. In fact, I’m probably at the point where a vote for McCain would be less about either McCain or Obama, and more about checking a Democratic-controlled Congress. I saw what happened during six-years of total R control of both Chambers and the White House. Face it: Power concentrated is power corrupted.

Net: For this writer, the presidential decision remains as variable and statistically close as the national polls suggest it is for millions of other Americans. In fact, the chances are quite good that I’ll waffle my way all the way up to the voting booth on November 4.

Living with such indecision is, at once, unfamiliar and uncomfortable — and I would pay dearly for the clarity of vision certain TMV readers and authors have achieved.