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Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in At TMV | 4 comments

Wikipedia English Goes Black

WASHINGTON – This isn’t a left right thing.

Yesterday afternoon at a live streaming briefing on the issue you had Adam Green of Bold Progressives standing up to applaud Rep. Darrel Issa for his leadership on this issue, which I watched unfold.

Here’s a list of some of the people who took part in the streaming online event yesterday:

  • Alexis Ohanian, reddit co-founder (via video)
  • Craig Newmark, craigslist founder (via video)
  • Rebecca MacKinnon, Global Voices co-founder
  • Adam Green, Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder
  • Julian Sanchez, Cato Institute fellow
  • Brad Burnham, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures
  • Dmitry Shapiro, Veoh founder (via video)
  • Jayme White, Staff Director, Senate Finance Subcommittee on International Trade

SOPA and PIPA aren’t the answer. An alternative bill is being suggested. It’s called the OPEN Act.

Giving lobbyists a win to alter the Internet and not only change its openness, but give total control to outside hostile forces, is something all of us who depend on this platform must take seriously.

Tell Congress: Don't censor the web!

This post has been updated; Wikipedia image via Twitter.

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