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Posted by on Dec 17, 2010 in Economy, International, Media, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society, War | 0 comments

WikiLeaks: We’re All Hackers Now – Folha, Brazil

According to columnist Sergio Malbergier of Brazil’s Folha newspaper, the controversy over WikiLeaks’ release of classified U.S. diplomatic cables will be remembered not for its ‘rich collection of truisms and gossip,’ but for announcing a global cyberwar. And all of us are its foot soldiers.

For Folha, Sergio Malbergier writes in part:

This is a war that’s anything but virtual, and is fought between people, companies, organizations, countries or any combination of these actors.

The sites of individuals and organizations that have in some way helped attack WikiLeaks and put Assange in prison now suffer furious cyber attacks from hackers who claim to be WikiLeaks supporters. And hackers can range from lonely Internet knights to militants armed with super computers.

Furthermore, we’re all hackers. Think about your ability to access, store and disseminate data about third parties. It’s immense. And it continues to grow. The real world is increasingly converging with the digital.

Our total dependence on the Internet shows how the global network is the most important phenomenon in the world today. There is nothing more powerful than connecting all people in the world at once and forever.

For good or ill, we have barely begun to feel the effects of this new “big bang.”

WikiLeaks is just a foretaste of what is to come. Prepare yourself – if you can.

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