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Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 in Economy, Energy, International, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society, War | 1 comment

Why Iran-Israel ‘War’ Spilled to Indian Soil?

India’s security agencies are worried. Initial investigations have revealed that the modus operandi employed by the person who attacked Israeli embassy staff in New Delhi – by fixing bomb to a car – “mirrored the method used by Mossad earlier to assassinate Iranian scientists.”

(Meanwhile, the Israeli diplomat’s wife who was in the car when the explosion took place in New Delhi on Monday is still critical. Tal Yehoshua-Koren, 40, was on her way to pick up her children from the American School when the blast happened. Three other people, including the driver of the car, received minor injuries. Ms Yehoshua was operated upon to remove shrapnel from her spine on Monday night. Her left leg is paralysed for now. She also has injuries in her lung and liver.)

Security experts in India are of the view that the copy-cat attack may be a way of telling Israel that Iran has the capability to carry out similar attacks in distant locales. In New Delhi, India’s National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon and foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai were in constant touch with the Israeli authorities, who have shared crucial information on the possible suspects, reports the Economic Times.

“Most Iranian scientists engaged in Iran’s nuclear programme were killed in car bomb blasts triggered by similar magnetic devices (as used in New Delhi attack). Iranians suspect these attacks were carried out by Israel or the US. The emergence of magnet bombs is seen as a worrying trend by Indian agencies, who fear that local terrorist modules may draft them to attack VIPs and high-value targets here.

Meanwhile top Indian minister’s reference to a “well-trained” bomber is seen as confirming the intelligence agencies’ fears that a commando may have been used to carry out the “surgical” strike in New Delhi. The bomber was familiar with all the approach roads and the quickest exit route, which agencies suspect was not possible without the help of local contacts.

“The dry runs helped him not only to choose the traffic signal where he would attach the bomb to the car’s rear, but also facilitate his quick escape to safety before the bomb could go off. The sticky bomb was used for the first time in India. The device did not have a battery or a circuit, indicating an in-built, quick timer mechanism similar to a grenade.

“The police believe that the bomber was trailing the diplomat’s car for the last few days. Incidentally, sources told ET that a motorcycle had brushed the diplomat’s car days before the blast.” More here…

Are we seeing a shifting of theatre of the Israeli-Iran brinkmanship from familiar stages like Gaza, Damascus and Beirut to neutral grounds like Delhi? asks Dr Trita Parsi, president, National Iranian American Council, and adjunct professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University.

His acclaimed first work, Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel and the United States, seeks to debunk prevalent myths about Iran-US-Israel relationship while the latest – A Single Roll of the Dice – Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran – focuses on US President Barack Obama’s failure to put diplomacy before sanctions in engaging Iran.

“Well, I’d say, we need to be cautious. We haven’t had any credible evidence yet (to trace it back to Tehran). The assassinations of those associated with the Iranian nuclear programme have been traced back to a certain extent to Israel, since it has been at least confirmed by the US government.

“A recent NBC programme traced the killings to collusion between Israel and the banned Iranian Mujahideen groups. It won’t be entirely surprising if Iran hits back. It won’t be surprising if there are counter assassinations.

“What would be surprising is that why would they do it in a country like India, one of the last major countries that’s still resisting the US diktat on isolating Iran. New Delhi is one of Tehran’s largest trading partners, India is an emerging power and carries a lot of weight internationally.” More here…

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