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Posted by on Mar 11, 2019 in Politics | 0 comments

Whose Your Deity (Cartoon, Column and Video)

Donald Trump’s fifth communications director has quit. Bill Shine was an executive at Fox News, from where Trump does most of his hiring. Trump believed Shine would be able to make all media coverage of him to be more like what he gets from Fox. Failing to get the Tucker Hannity Ingraham treatment for Trump on CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times, Trump soured on Shine.

Shine was a natural fit for Trump, having been accused of helping Roger Ailes, the late CEO of Fox News, cover up the sexual harassments that forced his ouster. Helping the self-professed pussy-grabber-in-chief should have been a natural fit. But forming communications for a man who talks out of his ass is harder than it looks. Perhaps behavior like signing bibles while touring a tornado disaster area is why Trump has gone through five communications directors.

With all the tact of throwing paper towels at disaster victims, Trump was putting his John Hancock on sycophants’ copies of the Holy Bible, while not knowing who John Hancock is. Trump didn’t write the Bible any more than he wrote the Art of the Deal, so why were people asking him to sign them?

The type of person who would ask Trump to sign a bible is probably the same who believes he was anointed by God. While Trump has five children from three wives and has had multiple affairs, his sycophants believe family-man No Drama Obama is the anti-Christ. While I’m not religious, I recognize just how tacky and egotistical it is to go around signing bibles, even for someone who’s not sure how to spell his own name.

One of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” For those in the Trump cult, they’ve violated that commandment. But still, in competition with a man who builds towers to honor himself, they’ll never worship Trump more than Trump.

Watch me draw.

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