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Posted by on Sep 9, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Where to lay the blame? Krauthammer on Katrina

I rarely quote him, and I find much of his work quite objectionable, but Charles Krauthammer has a must-read column in today’s Washington Post. I won’t give it away, but he ranks the blameworthy according to culpability, and, as far as I’m concerned, he’s right on the mark.

Sort of. Almost. Well… not.

For some additional commentary, see my latest post at The Reaction. In my view, Krauthammer grossly underestimates Bush’s responsibility for what went wrong, and, to me, much of the blame deserves to be directed precisely at the Oval Office.

Please feel free to replay to that post. I’d like to know what you all think now that the blame game is well underway.