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Posted by on May 12, 2009 in At TMV | 0 comments

Where Are You Stephen Colbert ??

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert has been working over the past few months to correct oversights by various organizations who have failed to properly honor him. He recently succeeded in getting NASA to name an exercise bike on the space station after him but is still working on the Pulitzer Prize committee.

However there is a saying about people in glass houses and in reviewing his recent programs I have noticed a distinct failure on his part.

Not once has he taken the proper time to honor this web site. Not once has he given us the ‘Stephen Colbert award for a really cool web site that doesn’t have my name in it’. Not once has he urged his viewers to visit the site.

I am a reasonable person and am willing to accept that this might have simply been an oversight on his part, but he had better get moving soon.

Otherwise we might need to bring in S’t’e’fan Kh’lber’t and his five apostrophes.

The ball is in your court sir….