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Posted by on May 1, 2008 in At TMV | 4 comments

(Update II) When Good Feminists Do Bad Things: WVWV’s Record of Voter Supression


By most accounts, the Washington-based advocacy group Women’s Voices Women’s Vote is a stand-up organization, but in its lust to help Hillary Clinton it has run afoul of the law in a most foul way in yet another state.

WVWV stands accused of waging a high-tech voter suppression campaign in predominantly black, Barack Obama-leaning districts in North Carolina where residents have been receiving robocalls implying that they weren’t properly registered to vote in the May 6 Democratic primary.

The group has been caught red-handed, and WVWV president Page Gardner has apologized for any “confusion” caused by her group’s anonymous calls.

Ah yes, “confusion.” Kind of like the “confusion” that whites sewed in the Jim Crow South and other black voter suppression efforts since then.

Facing South
reports that North Carolina is at least the fifth state where WVWV’s efforts have spurred investigations.

As has been her pattern, Hillary Clinton has not disavowed WVWV’s activities, although her North Carolina campaign chair did harrumph that they had no connection to the group. In fact, WVWV is chockablock with Clinton campaign ties.

No matter how deep the connections are, we certainly can’t say that Hillary approves of the group’s actions because we know that she has refused to stoop (cough) to negative campaigning (cough, cough), be it guilt by association, race baiting or outright character assassination. But this latest revelation certainly doesn’t burnish her already tarnished feminist credentials.