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Posted by on Sep 15, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

What is a moderate (redux)?

Recently, many who read this weblog have commented in one form or another (comments here, emails to the authors, or posts on their own weblogs) regarding how The Moderate Voice is not “moderate” according to their definition of the term.

I beg to differ, and their arguments have already been answered.

A few months ago, back in early June, I wrote a post at my weblog Random Fate titled “What is a moderate?“, followed up by a second post “A short addendum to ‘What is a moderate?’“.

Moderates are not without strong opinions, nor are they without deeply held beliefs.

Moderates are willing to recognize that others can hold different opinions without issuing an immediate, blanket condemnation of either the differing opinions nor the people holding those opinions.

Try getting anything remotely resembling an acknowledgment that their own opinion is not the absolute, unvarnished Truth from an ideologue and you will rapidly perceive the difference.

Merely because a strong opinion is expressed here, especially one that does not agree with yours, does NOT mean that this weblog is not “moderate”. You will notice, unlike many weblogs, pointless blogwars that are nothing but pissing-matches between people who have more pride than sense do not occur at this weblog, and it is rare when any commentor is blacklisted or even contested by a post author.

Please, think about it before you react. That is all we ask.