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Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in Politics, Race | 1 comment

Well, that explains Obamaphobia


This now an established, sad truth about the Republican party. You can take it to the bank (if there are any banks left once the Republican party has removed all their props and leashes).

A substantial number of Republican voters will agree to something they know to be false if it puts Obama in a bad light. ...DanaMilbank,WaPo

How do we know? A recent poll in Louisiana you may have seen reveals the sad (but hilarious) truth. You’ve seen it at this blog already: Republicans in Louisiana think Obama was responsible for the poor response to Katrina. No, they really do.

Twenty-nine percent of them said that he was responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina — in 2005.

This was slightly more than the 28?percent who said President George W. Bush was to blame. An additional 44?percent thought it over but just weren’t sure. ...Milbank,WaPo

Milbank has at least a partial explanation for this phenomenon:

When I read a report about the poll on the Talking Points Memo Web site, the first thing that came to mind was the famous campaign-trail quotation from the man who actually was president in 2005: “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning.”…Milbank,WaPo

Well, true enough. It gets worse. And there’s a trend: these crazy beliefs are held by people who are poor and uneducated. People who are poor and uneducated tend to live in red states, states where Republicans predominate.

But it’s not poverty and lack of education that determines how people view Obama. It’s that these people are “off their rockers,” says Milbank.

“Obama derangement syndrome is running pretty high right now among a certain segment of the Republican base,” Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, told me. “There’s a certain segment of people who say, ‘If you’re going to give me the opportunity to stick it to Obama, I’m going to take it.’?...Milbank,WaPo

Sad to report: Milbank seems to blame Obama, airily ending his column with “Heckuva job, Barry.”

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