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Posted by on May 21, 2018 in Law, Politics, Scandals, Torture, Totalitarianism | 0 comments


The Constitutional crisis is upon us.

End Robert Mueller’s investigation: Michael Mukasey
Michael B. Mukasey / USA Today

Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels have nothing to do with Russian influence: Opposing view

Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this opposing view misstated the subject of one of special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments. The indictment did not include charges related to hacking of Democratic Party computers. The article also misstated the status of Justice Department disclosure of a memo describing the extent of Mueller’s authority. The memo has been disclosed to a federal judge.

Er, whoops!

Even as the endless criminality of the Trump regime begins to belch forth in ever-increasing numbers, a concerted attack on the special prosecutor, and, by the by, the Rule of Law itself, is under way.

Arlington National Cemetery photo - Public Domain

You remember the “Rule of Law”right? It’s the thing that Republicans cry crocodile tears about while impeaching a legitimately-elected President over a blowjob, while the Speaker who coordinated the impeachment was screwing his secretary in the Speaker’s office, probably on the Speaker’s desk.

The secretary is now married to the former Speaker, and is AMBASSADOR TO THE VATICAN, while GOPs, seizing on the #METOO movement, want Clinton tried YET AGAIN and publicly humiliated.

That, kiddies, is the Republican notion of the “Rule of Law.” As distinguished from “justice.”

Today it metastasized into this:

  • Trump’s tweet demanding that the Muller investigation and the FBI be investigated for a “mole” in the campaign with the imputation the Obamas and Clintons personally ordered it.
  • Former Clinton campaign manager and pollster Mark Penn wrote in The Hill:   Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all — a piece that literally sounds as though it were written with a gun pressed to his temple.
  • And now this, the Mukasey piece.

Mukasey is a former United States Attorney General under George W. Bush, which pretty much disqualifies him right there. His “opinion” piece is riddled with ridiculous errors and misunderstandings of law that almost make it seem that he, too, was handed a piece of paper to sign at gunpoint.

No longer worth the paper it’s written on?

But then, he served for George W. Bush, along with such other voluntary enablers of torture and war crimes as Alberto Gonzalez and John Ashcroft, so he might actually mean it.

The simple fact is that the rats are trapped and they’re panicking. This is a bald-faced attempt to brazen out a criminal conspiracy, much as Oliver North brazened out blatant lawbreaking and destruction of evidence, and was, after being freed of felony convictions on the technicality that he was offered “immunity” in his testimony to Congress, the evidence was tainted, and he immediately set about grifting America, as Newt Gingrich continues to grift in America and now, the Vatican, too!

Such is our rule of law.

The attack on the investigation is Stalinist, or Naziesque, choose your poison.

If we are a constitutional republic then the very basis of that republic is in danger.

And if we’re going to supinely slip into the graveyard of history, we’re doing a great job of it.

There is virtually zero doubt that a vast, international criminal enterprise is being uncovered, just as there is zero doubt that that selfsame conspiracy is now fighting back in a coordinated campaign.

(If you believe for a nanosecond that the Penn and Mukasey op-eds, combined with the Trump “DEMAND” from the Department of Justice are “coincidental” then my name’s Donnie, and I’ve got a University GUARANTEED to give you the blueprint to becoming rich in real estate … without using ANY of your own money!)

It is the old Scientology “dead agenting” attack: always attack. Dig up ANY dirt on the accuser. Never address the accusations, only attack in any way possible. The media will always focus on the attack, to the exclusion of the original charges.

We saw the beginnings of it last week, in the coordinated blog and then Fox News attacks on Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti. Suddenly a California tax case (yes, a TAX case) was the reason to froth at the mouth about … an attorney legally and legitimately pursuing his client’s interest?

Generalized Rational Acquisition and Barter

Yes. They learned from Scientology, these Republicans. They learned that what matters is winning the debate, not facts, not science, not even morality (a convenient soapbox to stand on when it suits the ends, but the ends justify ANY means, and they are DEFINITELY mean).

So, the long knives are being sharpened and the initial attack, calculated to gin up outrage and false righteousness among a “Christian” base that is fine with blatant adultery, character assassination, cruelty, bigotry and other “Christian” virtues, but recoils in savage anger that a flim-flam artist and his associates are …

Pleading guilty too often in this “bogus” investigation, one supposes. The din of all those annoying “guilty” pleas is upsetting the delicate sensibilities of Donald the Unhinged, and, therefore, he can’t do his “job” of destroying the institutions, traditions and laws of the United States Government, one imagines that Sarah Huckleberry “Baghdad Bob” Sanders will say.

The constitutional crisis is here. And we’ve got a slithery torturer and evidence destroyer running the CIA — that most transparent of our institutions, and a former slithery arms dealer and evidence destroyer taking the reins of the NRA.

Meanwhile, the adulterous secretary and her now-converted-to Catholicism impeacher-for-blowjobs bask in the afterglow of their many grifts in Rome, as the United States’ Ambassador and Consort to the Holy See.

I’d offer another “Holy” but “see” wouldn’t be the second term. And this is a family friendly blog.


Cross posted from his vorpal sword