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Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Government, International, Internet, Law, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Russia, Science & Technology, Society, Terrorism, Video | 2 comments

VIDEO: Snowden and Elsberg at the HOPE X Summit (Hope X, New York)


This is an extraordinary video of an exchange between Edward Snowden and the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Elsberg. The encounter took place on Monday at the HOPE X Hacker’s summit in New York City. Snowden recieves a hero’s welcome with long ovations and unmitigated praise from Elsberg, who says Snowden’s emergence gave him ‘hope’ for the first time in many years. To Snowden’s critics, Elsberg says that the release of massive amounts of classified data is the only way to hold those in power accountable, particularly in today’s world, and he calls those who don’t understand that ‘ignorant.’ They discuss how the intelligence services are compiling information on everyone who is part of the online world, and Snowden urges the assembled geeks to develop platforms to make the activities of users much harder to track. This is both an entertaining and an educational thing to watch. It runs just under an hour and a half.

There were also a range of other interesting and odd topics discussed at the Hope X Summit, including:

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