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Posted by on Feb 6, 2010 in Economy, International, Media, Miscellaneous, Places, Politics | 0 comments

U.S. Prayer Breakfast: Zapatero in the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’: El Confidential, Spain

There are those in Spain today, laughing at Prime Minister Zapetero’s appearance at America’s annual National Prayer Breakfast. The implication is that as an ‘avowed enemy of Christianism,’ he’s a hypocrite. And by the looks of it, according to right-wing columnist Federico Quevedo of Spain’s El Confidencial the once-coveted visit to Obama’s side isn’t likely to do him any political good.

The event has already unleashed a veritable river of ink; We’ve laughed our heads off over the paradox of a renowned secularist like Zapatero, an avowed enemy of Christianism, publicly praying at an event sponsored by a conservative Christian group dedicated to safeguarding the traditional family. … what the hell – excuse the expression – is this guy doing at an event of undoubtedly religious character, which arose as an invocation to God to come to the aid of humanity in times of difficulty? … a purpose it has maintained during the nearly 60 years of holding the event.

Perhaps Zapatero will unravel the mystery himself with his prayer this afternoon … Or perhaps not, which is more likely, because I think even he doesn’t knows what he’s doing there, other than to try and convey to the Spanish public an image, a notion that Barack Obama distinguishes him with preferential treatment – unlike that bestowed on other European leaders by the U.S. president.

And then Quevedo plunges in the knife:

Zapatero is a drag – a cross that we Spaniards must carry as if it were God’s punishment; and there’s no prayer, pleading, invocation or begging that can alter what is beginning to make itself known as our own Apocalypse.

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