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Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Law, Poetry, Politics | 0 comments

Who do your trust? Comey or the “Phoney?” (Guest Poetry Commentary)

Who do you trust? Comey or the “Phony”
by a Combat veteran and Patriot

Trump fired Comey and called him a few names to please his base
A “show boater”, a “grand stander” and a “nut case”
He claimed the FBI was in total disarray and morale was in the pits
And Comey was a “leaker”: those were just some of his choice bits

Talk about disarray and morale in the dumps: the administration of Trump
“Totally illegal” and “Cowardly” Trump adds: as he digs himself deeper
He impulsively adds insults to his claim that Comey is a “leaker”
While “Trump just doesn’t know the system” states the House Speaker

Now a “show boater”, “grand stander” and “nut case” describes someone
And it’s not the head of the FBI: it’s someone who the election just won
And as far as a “leaker” is concerned: how about Trump’s classified slip
To the Russians in the Oval Office on where we got a Middle East tip

Who would you trust: a professional lawyer or a raving mad clown?
One who in government service has experience and a record sound?
Or an inexperienced rabble-rouser who shoots from the hip?
A thoughtful and articulate professional: or one who can’t control his lip?

Now Trump has experienced over 3,500 legal battles to sort
His company lawyers may have more time than Comey in court
His Trump University was charged and convicted of fraud
His record of truth telling is nothing to applaud

Now to my knowledge Comey has been consistent with his story
While Trump just jumps all over the place: impulsively looking for glory
His administration is in disarray: even his spokesmen don’t know what to say
His self-generated confusion: his legislative accomplishments are zero today

His ethical standards are questionable at best: rationale for his actions thin
He has turned the White House into a family business with profits to win
Comey’s background has been thoroughly vetted over the years: he’s clean
Contrast with Trump is clear: dedicated to truth; the other slippery and mean

So is your trust in Comey’s clean record; his service to our country’s needs?
Or Trump’s falsehoods aired wildly on tweet, with his ethics in the weeds?

Now I’ve heard the case and pondered the evidence on who to trust
For me it’s Comey and not the Phony.