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Posted by on Feb 16, 2019 in At TMV, Immigration, Poetry, Politics | 0 comments

Trump’s Disinform in Rhyme Form (Updated)

Cagle cartoon by Steve Sack

Several TMV contributors – including yours truly – have commented on Trump’s two latest escapades into flummoxing the nation: The more or less structured State of the Union address and the totally freewheeling, rambling Rose Garden “I-declare-a-national-emergency-because-I-can” blather.

Here is a totally different, delightful take (along with some fact-checking) by my good friend, a decorated war veteran and poet, who wishes to remain “undiscovered.”

Trump’s” teleprompter-read” State of the Union address was just fine
But with his ad-libbed Rose Garden “Wall” address, he used his own lines

Professional speech writers can weave a wonderful story: raising images of glory
They can massage a message to fit the occasion: something rousing like “hail to the nation”
It was his State of the Union address: that did many impress
Now some stated “facts” needed checking: but its delivery was an A-OK, perhaps a little less

Now Trump is arguably the biggest “divider-in-chief” we have seen in modern times
But he promised sweet compromise in his opening lines
Then came some promises of “family-paid-leave” and infrastructure renewal
Both aroused the crowd, who shouted approval

We’re energy independent he claimed, because of him, but real evidence of this is really thin
ISIS is defeated was another claim: but his own Generals don’t agree with him
He took full credit for the best economy in town: but it was Obama who first turned it around
300 political positions aren’t filled he claimed: actually 274: but 114 have no nominee named

New manufacturing jobs and border crimes were exaggerated with no real data to prove
I want more immigrants in the nation states he: yet his policies in the other direction do move
“Never ending wars” wasted seven trillion dollars said he: the documented figure is less than three
NATO wasn’t carrying its share: it’s up because of me: but it was Obama who made it more fair

For those of you who feel the above is “nit-picking”: I respect your opinion: even your voting
I’ll admit I was vigorously against Trump from the start: I personally found him revolting
From insulting a fellow war veteran, to his lack of experience, lies, insults and business shady
He’s con man in my book: who will do anything to get off the hook: even paying off the ladies

Now the real Trump was on full display
From the bizarre things in the Rose Garden he did say

Without adult supervision, Trump openly displays a self-aggrandizing self- destructive self-a-lot
He uncontrollably floundered about with blatant lies: some clearly made up on the spot
He built “lots of wall”; gets “billions” from China tariffs: the “deficit”: hey, don’t worry at all
A “possible” Nobel Prize: His new NAFTA (not yet approved) will have Mexicans pay for the wall

“I talked to some Generals” (who?) who said just take my money if it will make you glad
Chain migration (like his wife’s parents used): Visa lottery and H1B’s send only the bad
Obama was going to start a Korean War: but I have a friend in Kim so missiles he won’t lob
Why didn’t I get a wall done with a full Republican Congress? I was new to the job!

Border Emergency !!: crime and drugs and trafficking are at an all-time high and it won’t lessen
I get the statistics: many places, my own administration: when challenged: it’s a false question
Then his biggest blooper of the day: “I don’t need to do it now” Just faster! He openly says!
The “on the spot” unsupervised President looking for raves, goes ahead and digs his own grave

Hannity, Limbaugh are great advisors and supporters: don’t know Coulter (oops: let me think)
Experts like these I follow: who needs Mattis and those professionals: their advice stinks
So, Trump was on full display: claiming that being the President is just child’s play
I’m afraid he’ll continue doing things his way: unless Article 25 or Mueller get in the way!


This Cagle cartoon by Dave Whamond uniquely augments the words above: