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Posted by on Apr 15, 2012 in At TMV, Health, Law, Politics, Society, War | 11 comments

Torture: No Change of Heart for Dick Cheney (UPDATE)


As mentioned below, Dick Cheney spoke for one hour and 15 minutes at the Wyoming Republican Party state convention in Cheyenne.

Guess what “fair and balanced” Fox found memorable enough to become the centerpiece of and the title to their piece on Cheney’s appearance?

You guessed it:

“He has been an unmitigated disaster to the country,” Cheney said of Obama.

And the title?

Cheney calls Obama ‘unmitigated disaster’ in post-surgery speech


Apparently in quite good condition considering his heart transplant three weeks ago, former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke for about an hour and 15 minutes to an appreciative audience at the Wyoming Republican Party state convention in Cheyenne today.

It was his first public engagement since his heart transplant.

According to an AP story published in the Stars and Stripes, Cheney called Obama’s presidency “an unmitigated disaster to the country.” OK, no surprise here — politics is politics.

In a talk that “traced the more than 40 years of Cheney’s political career, including the controversial waterboarding and other interrogation practices the Bush administration employed to extract information from terrorist suspects,” Cheney said — “to the loudest applause of his visit” — “It produced a wealth of information. Don’t let anybody tell you the enhanced interrogation program didn’t work. It did.”

Some might have hoped that Cheney would have had a change of heart in this matter.

We do wish Mr. Cheney well.

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